INSTITUTIONAL ABOUT US PALLADIUM DEFENCE AND SECURITY SOLUTIONS was established to provide defense products and services for the public and private sectors. PALLADIUM DEFENCE AND SECURITY SOLUTIONS, which has successfully signed many projects since its establishment, is on its way to become the sector leader by expanding its product inventory day by day. PALLADIUM DEFENCE AND SECURITY SOLUTIONS, which offers many alternatives with its hardware, software, materials and accessories, is also always ahead of its time in terms of technology. PALLADIUM DEFENCE AND SECURITY SOLUTIONS, which is appreciated not only for its products but also for its after-sales services, is always with you as your strong solution partner.

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PALLADIUM GROUP OF COMPANIES serves you as your strong supplier. It provides you with the products you need no matter where you are in the world. Offering the global market to its partners and the brands it cooperates with PALLADIUM GROUP OF COMPANIES adds strength to you.


PALLADIUM Technology and Engineering continues its activities as a global manufacturer by increasing its investments day by day, with the aim of providing services and products to private sectors and public institutions. PALLADIUM Technology and Engineering, which has achieved many firsts with its R&D and P&D studies, offers added value with its vision. The measurable and sustainable added value provided forms the basis of its mission. PALLADIUM Technology and Engineering, which offers maximum quality with its production facilities and professional team, is one of the few technology companies with its smart and traceable production approach. PALLADIUM Technology and Engineering, which foresees the future projection with the sense of responsibility of its position in its sector, will continue to be your strong and reliable solution partner. Now is the time for you to meet PALLADIUM Technology and Engineering, which continues to work tirelessly to develop new technologies, design new products and offer a new service concept.


PALLADIUM GROUP OF COMPANIES offers you service in every maritime sector with its financial and production power. Providing commercial and military solutions, PALLADIUM GROUP OF COMPANIES provides its experience to its partners in the form of after-sales service.


PALLADIUM Textile Industry offers services to you in the ready-to-wear sector and in your special projects. PALLADIUM Textile Industry is an international brand that acts as your strong solution partner and partner with a wide service understanding from design to production, fabric and yarn Decoupments. PALLADIUM Textile Industry, which completes all production stages such as spinning, weaving, dyeing, fabric, design and sewing in its integrated facilities, is a sought-after brand.