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The “Group of Palladium companies” consists from the following companies - "Palladium Defence and Security Solutions" LLC is the company that acts as a governmental authority’s supplier. "Palladium Defence and Security Service" LLC company, as can be seen from the name, provides security services, "Palladium Defence and Security Equipment" LLC provides supply as to Government as to public, hunter, sport and mountaineering societies or other extreme surroundings, "Palladium Marine Engineering Service" operates in maintenance for military marine transport, project design and modernization. Besides above mentioned, for the first time in Azerbaijan "Palladium Firearms Service Center" was established and is an officially engaged in repair of hunting guns.

Palladium Defence and Security Solutions

Company activities are the military equipment supply and projects design for the State military and law enforcement authorities.

Palladium Defence and Security Equipment

Company activity incudes the provision of the requested items and equipment to the public, hunter, sport and mountaineering societies or other extreme surroundings.

Palladium Defence and Security Service

Company activity consists from the person and property defense and security service.


Marine Engineering Service

Has a sufficient experience for the military naval vehicles repair and modernization,  military naval project design.

Palladium Firearms Service Center

Exists a company’s wide working shop and range of spare parts warehouse for special and hunting guns repair. Beside this, company easily can make guns modernization.

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